Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thirteen firsts

Thirteen firsts....

1) My first year teaching, I cried in front of my students. (Not my proudest or best teaching moment, but, it was a first.)

2) My first dance recital costume was a teeny tiny greenish bikini and a yellow stuffed animal duck. (I still have that costume too. I think I can fit one finger in the leg hole.)

3) My first car I ever bought was a VW Jetta. (Ah, the beauty of financing!)

4) The first boy to ever send me flowers, give me Tiffany's or make me feel like the most amazing person just for being me was my husband. (Good thing I married him, huh?)

5) My first car was a Nissan Sentra hatchback. (I loved that little car too, even when the locks started freezing and you had to crawl in through the hatchback!)

6) I got my first kiss after I graduated high school but before I went to college (Thank God). (That's why when I hear stories about my sister in law's boyfriends growing up, I laugh, because I SO did not have that experience!)

7) The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block. (Although my brother would claim it was Natalie Cole.)

8) The first job I ever had was an assistant camp counselor. (Back then I didn't understand the whole different work ethic thing and I didn't get how I, as the assistant, got paid less but somehow did more work.)

9) The first nickname I remember having is skinny banana--which is what my Dad called me.

10) The first (and one of the only) times I ever drank a bit too much was after college AND graduate school. In fact, it wasn't until my first year teaching.

11) Our first house was built by the great grandfather of the man we bought it from. (I personally think that is pretty neat.)

12) My first semester GPA in college was a 3.78. (That didn't last!)

13) The first time I ever ate sushi was with my now husband, at a little sushi restaurant in the Manchester area. Skeptical at first (probably because I hate cooked fish) I now love the stuff.


Kelli said...

Hiya Li.

I think you're using beta blogger right? (Remember, awhile back Tina, KTP, and I switched?) Anywho, the poll thingy is one of the options for your sidebar.
So - if you go into your template once you're logged in, there's an option to add a page element. Select that and you'll get about 10 choices (adding photos, links, etc.) The poll should show up there. Then you just fill in your question and the answers and voila!

It's kind of fun, me thinks. ;-)


nancypearlwannabe said...

I love the new Thursday Thirteen banner! So cute with the polka dots. :)