Saturday, November 17, 2007

The one where I brag....just a little

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this sooner, but this past Tuesday I had a major presentation in class. I should say, we, had a major presentation in class, because, of course, given the opportunity to work with a partner, I jumped.
My friend and I spent several hours over a couple of weekends working on this project. We ended up dramatically cutting our original project proposal, moving from using four programs to two. We worried about this, so we ended up going deeper into the two programs than we meant to. What we did was use, a tool that reports out all CMT data, and Microsoft Excel to organize and graphically represent that data. We focused on mathematics, all of the different strands, over a series of years. We also compared the state, to our district, to one particular school. Snazzy, right?

Apparently, our professor thought so too....we were the first to present, so we had nothing to compare ourselves against, but at the end of our presentation our professor described our work as "phenomenal". Needless to say, we were jazzed. Then we got our score a few days later and apparently phenomenal translates to a 100. !!!! It made the five page take home exam a little easier to swallow, knowing we were going into it with a 100.

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Rock on! Great work!

Oh, I found out that I was accepted to grad school, but I decided to wait until next fall and get married first ;-) Our wedding is this summer so I don't want to get in over my head.