Friday, November 16, 2007

Life returns to normal

Russ is home....he's been gone since Tuesday at Nature's Classroom....but he is back.

It's amazing how I wasn't necessarily feeling bad about the fact that he was gone, but the second I saw him again, I felt better.

Things are not the same when he's not around....the house is emptier and bigger....the cats seem to whine more....the bed is far too cold....and I have no one to share the stories of my day. I am never the same when he is around....the biggest difference is that I just don't sleep as well. People kept saying to me, "How great, you get the whole house to yourself!" and sure, it was kinda nice to hog the T.V. (not that I watch all that many shows) but really, that was about the only nice thing....

Sometimes it's funny to think that four and a half years ago, I didn't even know this man and now, when he's gone, my world just feels a little off kilter.

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Beth said...

SO Cute! I feel the same way when Scott is away. Except I can't sleep at all b/c I'm afraid of being home along ;)