Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beergaritas, tambourines and boas...a short guide to a fantastic bachelorette!

Ah ha! You thought I'd skip out on the first post of the month, didn't you!?! I'm here....a little late, but it's still November 1st! And not only am I starting NaBloPoMo, but I'm starting it with some pictures! Woo hoo! Everyone loves pictures!

A few weeks ago was my friend's bachelorette was held in NYC and....well....let's just say the even was a HUGE success.

The evening began with a pot luck dinner and wine tasting by Swirl. That's right, they came right to the apartment with WINE! And they even brought cheese! On a snazzy slate board serving platter! We walked through a few different wines, rated them by celebrity (Rupert Everett- fruity, in a good way....Johnny Depp- lots of layers, a complex drink.... Russell Crowe- meaty with a lot of angst...Britney Spears- started off well, but ended in disaster.) and ate cheese along the way.

Next, a stretch hummer limo (yeah, you read that right, it was the biggest limo I've ever been in!) picked us up to drive us around to various bars in NYC. The best part about this (well, there are several best parts, but one of the best parts) is that the bachelorette's sister (the host) knew the owners or the bartenders, so we snuck right in to each and every bar. Needless to say, we ALL felt a little VIP! At our first bar, we were offered Beergaritas-- something one of the bartenders had invented and apparently a cross between beer and a margarita. Now, I'll usually try anything once, but I hate beer (I know, I know...I'm weird....) so I opted out of this one. But one of the brave ladies went for it, and claimed it was quite yummy. I took her word for it.

The bride-to-be wore a boa and a tiara (because really, that's what you should do on your bachelorette night). Here she is with her future sister-in-law. But the accessory of the evening was clearly this one:

That's right.....a tambourine! Never has a girl had more fun than with that tambourine. Especially at the last bar we hit-third on our list but probably first in our hearts. It was a bar with giant TV screens everywhere (I think you can see one in the background of this picture) that played 80's videos. That's right folks, 80's videos. We were in our element and there was much singing and dancing at that bar, let me tell you.

We ended the night with a short walk, an attack on the left over food, and all of us curling up in various couches and air mattresses around the apartment.

And awoke to a VERY loud jackhammer early the next morning. Which, apparently, has never happened before--the jackhammer I mean. Ah well...we drowned our early morning misery with some Dunkin Donuts and hit the road to come back to sleepy CT....filled with great stories....


Kelli said...

Fun night! I love the idea of rating wines the way you did!

Okay, tech question. How did you get the I'm a member of Nablopomo w/ your avatar-thingy that you've got on the upper right corner of your blog?

nancypearlwannabe said...

You're doing it too!!!!! Awesome! :)