Monday, December 10, 2007

Back on the bandwagon

With a very quick post for you....but a promise of more to come. I had to play catch up last week--at work that is. And even though I told myself I was going to continue posting regularly, well, I just couldn't maintain. But I have three other post ideas already saved so that I can post regularly again. For today (because it is late and I have to still go shopping for the little girl I "adopted" this holiday season) you are getting a quick post..... a story....or rather, a conversation:

Me: N is going to pass out the wipes today because she won the Desk Gecko award. (Don't ask. All you need to know is her desk was cleanest. We are cleaning out our desks, as we do every Friday, and wiping the top of them.)

N: (Approaching me with an empty container.) Mrs. S, where should I put this container? It's empty.

Me: N, where do you think you should put the empty container.

N: (Thinks for a full 30 seconds.) Do you want it on your desk?

Me: Nope. Where do you think you should put a container that is empty?

N: (Again, a 30 second pause while she contemplates this question.) In the garbage?

Me: Exactly! (I turn away to help a little boy who always needs help during this process. A minute later N approaches me with a new container of wipes and the empty container in her hands.)

N: Wait, where am I supposed to put this again?

Me: N, where do you think an empty container of wipes goes?

N: (Again, the 30 second pause.) Should I put it with the other containers of wipes?

Me: No, those ones are full. Where should the empty one go?

N: Oh, yeah, in the garbage!

Me: Yes!

It's Friday at 3:00. Anyone who claims I am NOT patient just needed to be there for that conversation.

Sunday, December 02, 2007