Wednesday, November 14, 2007


That's my title, because that's what the cursor was doing. For the record, it is currently 11:16. I am NOT changing the date/time, it IS still Wednesday. And, no, I'm not usually awake at this point, I fell asleep on the couch, and my husband is away so he wasn't there to wake me up and make me go to now it is 11:17 and I woke up to go to bed, realized I hadn't posted, and grabbed my laptop.

And, no, that's not my post for the day....that's just an explanation of the time!

I had a really interesting conversation with my teammates today. I think I've written before about how I'm a part of a team that is writing curriculum for reading workshop for my entire grade level to use for the entire year. Folks, this is a HUGE undertaking, and a LOT of work. And, for the record, I have said, on more than one occasion, that I'm uncomfortable being on a team of only four, writing curriculum for 40 something teachers. It's a lot of pressure....the funny thing about being on that team is that people seem almost nervous to critique your work. I know it's not perfect, in fact, I'll be the first to say it's a DRAFT and needs revisions, especially after it's been taught. So, I have a tendency to compensate by critiquing the work myself. I'll dive right in and talk about the problems that I have with the work that is done.

Today, my team and I happened to all be in the copy room by ourselves. One of my colleagues was feeling badly because she had missed the opportunity to fill out a reflection on our last unit. Of course we told her not to worry about it and we mentioned some things we had written on our reflection. I asked her if there was anything specific she would have added and she seemed comfortable with what we had said. Next thing you know, my other teammate launched into a confession of sorts....telling me what she's been doing in reading workshop, or rather, what she hasn't been doing. The funniest thing about that is I think she thought I might critique HER for this. As if, because I'm on this committee I'm some phenomenal teacher that's always doing everything she's supposed to and understands how it's always supposed to work and makes that happen every day. So not the case.

It made me think about perceptions....I'm not much of a person who toots her own horn. I don't go around telling everyone all about all the work we're doing on this curriculum committee. But people know I'm on this committee.....I've presented enough professional developments at this point that it's out there. How am I perceived because of that? Does that make me unapproachable? Does that make people think they can't critique the work that is done? It was funny tonight to notice that my team, the people who should know me best, seemed almost nervous to critique work that I would be the first to say isn't perfect. Critique away folks, goodness knows, I know it isn't perfect!

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You're so right about perceptions! It makes you think... Sounds to me like it's a tribute to you, that they look up to you! Bravo!