Tuesday, September 28, 2010

240 hours or 3 months...whichever comes first

In just three short months I will be done with a journey that I began three years ago. It started one summer day, with a good friend calling me up and encouraging me to apply for the Educational Leadership program with her. Despite my uncertainty at the time, I also knew that it was time to get that 6th year degree, so I agreed. We completed the paperwork, wrote the essay, took the practice exam and were accepted.
The journey continued with our first class, where the amount we didn't know far outweighed what we did know. It was in this class that I shared the news of my pregnancy and it was in this class that I discovered that I actually became excited about the future career I had opened up for myself by joining this program.
I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and took a break while my friend continued on with her classes. My time away from the classroom was short-- just one summer- because with the reality of Aliza came the realization that I wanted to finish the degree before the time came for playdates and after school sports. She took time off too, to have an adorable little boy, but we came together again, my friend and I, last year- to do what seemed a nearly impossible task- write a thesis and complete a practicum.

Somehow, we survived the year. As I think about what I accomplished last year, and the conditions in which I accomplished it, I am honestly amazed that I did not have a nervous breakdown. I say that in all seriousness and with a little bit of pride....I am stronger than I realize. But, my friend and I made it through with the help of many late night phone calls, cups of caffeine and glasses of wine. The thesis is done, the practicum is completed.

Then came the internship. 240 hours of administrative work spread over the course of one spring, one summer and one fall. I haven't actually totaled my hours, but I am guess-timating that I currently hover around the 120 mark. Halfway there, and more than halfway through my year long internship. Three months to go. We had a meeting tonight, where our advisor suggested that if we were that far away we grab a pencil and start seriously figuring out how to accomplish the 240 hours. As we have done many times on this journey we started so long ago, my friend and I looked at each other and wondered "what are we going to do?" The panic started to set in, but something was different.....this time- this time we stopped.
We reminded one another of all that we have done:

Two different exams, two sections each- over four hours of testing

We can do this.

And in three months? It will finally be over.

Friday, September 10, 2010


We were taking a short extra recess break today at the same time as the Pre-K students. I overheard the following conversation between two of my third graders:

Student 1: Who do you think is cuter- the pre-K kids or Squirt? (Squirt is our class pet, a leopard gecko.)

Student 2: (without any hesitation at all) Squirt.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Aliza summer '10

(Click the link for a brief video of some of our summer fun.....)