Sunday, November 04, 2007

A change in the making

There is a change in this educator's household lately. And frankly, I blame the neighbors. I should clarify, it's not necessarily a bad change. In fact, I somewhat enjoy's a little fun to watch it happening. But it's a transformation nonetheless, and like any transformation you never really know if you'll like it until it's fully complete and settled into your life for a bit.

Here's the change--it's my husband. When I first met and started dating him, he was unique (in many ways). He didn't watch sports. I mean, he'd flip to the occasional game. Catch some of the World Series...but never once, in the early stages of our relationship, did I know him to spend an entire afternoon watching a game. Never was I subjected to cancelled dates, or worried about losing him to an afternoon of beer drinking, chip eating, yelling at the TV sports games.

Lately, that's been changing. And, like I said, I blame the neighbors. They took him to not one, but two Patriots games. And they did the whole she-bang--driving up early, tailgating (with a mini grill), sports paraphernalia, late night drive home. He's hooked. Completely. Now, he'll actually watch whole games. He's yelling at the T.V. He's quoting statistics and weird football terms at me (P.I.?!? What the heck is that!?!). He's even DVR'd games to watch later, or again. AND he's watching ESPN Sports Center. It's madness I tell you.

I don't really mind. Like I said, I actually enjoy it. It's fun to watch my sweet, mild mannered husband yelling at the players on the screen. It's even more fun to watch my admitted sports-phobe husband get so into sports that he's learning names of players, stats of quarterbacks and the history of teams. So, for now, I'm enjoying this new discovery as much as he is. And, if I ever start to not enjoy it, then I'll go the route of my friends: I'll shop while he watches the games. That's a fair trade off I think.


Beth said...

Welcome to my world sis...welcome to my world! I wish we lived closer so that we could bond and make cookies while the boys swear at the TV. I got through two US weeklys during the first three quarters of yesterdays game. Then I joined in the yelling and screaming for the 4th. Can't wait to see you next weekend :)

Kelli said...

Football = invented to justify any shopping trip!