Friday, July 28, 2006

Weighty questions

It is amazing how moving generates some weighty questions. Such as, is it bad luck to throw away silver heart champagne flutes with your wedding date engraved on it? (Why was I throwing them away? Because they looked like this.) Or, do we really need to keep the beer mugs an ex gave my husband when we have even nicer Tiffany ones? Or, where should the entertainment center, DVD holder, extra chair, coffee table etc. go? And do we really want to stack the boxes filled with random items in the house on our newly refinished floor or should we just put them in the garage thus leaving us with 1) more opportunities to ignore said boxes and 2) the need to carry them in ourselves in order to unpack them, which of course makes #1 far more likely to happen?
In addition to these weighty questions, my poor husband had to deal with movers who showed up early and a counter man who showed up without a phone call so he was left sitting in our driveway waiting for my husband to figure out the largest question of all: how can you possibly be in two places at once? (You would think movers showing up early is a good thing, get everything done sooner, right? See, I had to teach summer school in the morning, and everything was perfectly timed and coordinated. Movers were to show up between 11-2, thus giving them time to show up and start loading the truck before I arrived at the apartment from school. The counter guy was under explicit instructions to call my husband's cell phone, thus giving him, or I, the opporutunity to get to the house and let him in. Apparently those explicit instructions were never communicated to him, so he spent a good twenty minutes sitting in the heat of his car waiting for us.) Despite all of the weighty questions, and the stress Russ had to endure the day of, we did manage to actually move into our house!
Now the adventure truly begins....

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is it!

Today is The Day.
Today we are moving into our first HOUSE!

Excited? Just a little. (OK, A LOT!)
Nervous? Ehhh....not so much.
Exhausted from staying up all night frantically packing even when we ran out of boxes because there must be just one more basket or laundry basket or garbage bag that we could use to put stuff in.....definitely.

I will be sans internet for a little while (Comcast has some crazy rule that if you don't have cable at the residence then they are going to tack on ANOTHER fee to give you internet. It doesn't matter that you were a customer for years, or that there will already be a service technician visiting your house to set up the cable.....nope, another fee, so we are waiting until our cable is installed and active before we get internet.) But as soon as I get internet I will be sure to publish pictures (and stories!) about the big day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reaching a turning point....

Recently, several very exciting things have been happening....We got walls in our kitchen! And....I painted what we were referring to as our green room a lovely red color--all by myself!

Now the first event, walls in the kitchen, may not seem very exciting, until you see some before and after pictures. Here's a before:

Pretty scary, huh? Actually....if I was going to get technical about things, this picture is really a before:

I have no idea what my husband is doing here, but note the vinyl tiles (we ripped up three layers of flooring, what a pain in the ankle that was!) and the bubble gum pink counter. Those cabinets you see were the original ones, installed in 1921!

And here is what it looks like with walls and a new hardwood floor (that hasn't been sanded or refinished yet):

You can see why this is so exciting to me....

Now for a before and after of the green room.....

(That wallpaper you see is now gone and the room has been repainted a lovely mushroomy-light-beigy color.)

And an after:

Progress is definitely happening....

Some more pictures of a beautiful day...

And here are the gardens I mentioned in my previous post.....gorgeous, no?!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Worth a thousand words

Picture this:
A garden, lush with blooming flowers of all colors, arranged in symmetrical squares neatly intersected with walkways. Green grass surrounding you, trees overhead. In the distance--rolling grass and then the ocean stretching as far as you can see. Framed in an archway of stone: a bride, in a dress of homemade lace, clinging tightly to her father's hand....
This actually happened. This moment that is forever etched in my memory. I wish I had a picture of it, but seeing as how I was one of the bridesmaids, watching this moment happen through my watery eyes I didn't capture it.

The day began with the ladies spending a day at the spa. There might be better ways to spend a sunny Saturday than with some wonderful women getting pampered and enjoying the sunshine in between treatments but I sure can't think of any!

The boys enjoyed the sun in their own way: playing wiffle ball and bocci.

After a ride on the limo bus:

We arrived at the wedding location: Harkness Memorial Park.

We went to our bridal suite where we proceeded to keep the bride calm, finish getting our make up done by Lisa from Trish McEvoy, get dressed, and, of course, drink some champagne.

The evening ended with a fantastic party, including a very special dance by the bride and groom and an even better speech by the best men. New friends were made, old ones reaquainted and everyone had a great time.

Congratulations Beth and Scott. I love you both.

PS--More pictures to follow as soon as I figure out why Ms. Blog refuses to publish my photos.....