Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's sheer determination keeping me going at this point

Really. The only reason I am 1) awake and 2) posting is because it IS NaBloPoMo and even though some of my posts may have been cheesy, I have managed to post every single day. In case you don't know this about me, I'm a girl who makes a commitment and follows through. I don't really know how to NOT follow through.

But man, oh man, it has been a DAY. Let me break it down for you:

4:45 a.m. The alarm goes off so that my hubby can get ready to leave for Nature's Classroom, where he'll be for the next few days. The alarm clock is on my side of the bed, so I wake up enough to reset it and roll back over. For some bizarre reason the man decides to turn on the overhead light. Why this is a good idea is beyond me. So, I, of course, tell him to turn the light off and he tells me he's getting dressed. Even in my half asleep state I still managed to make the suggestion that he either 1) turn on the hallway light so it won't shine directly on me or 2) get dressed in the closet room (which is what he does every single morning, don't ask me why this morning needs to be different). He turns on the hallway light.

5:30 a.m. I roll out of bed, later than usual. For some reason since I don't have to make lunch or breakfast for Russ, I feel I have extra time and dawdle around the house until it is OH MY GOD 7:00 PANIC GET OUT OF THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!

8:00 Arrive at school (Soooo late for me, but just in time for:)
8:05 go to a Library Media Technology meeting. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

8:45 The students arrive and they are hyper and chatty and all wound up because it is a field trip. The morning passes uneventfully (except the whole hyper chatty thing) until 11ish when we board the bus for our field trip (Thank goodness the weather cleared up.)

11:00ish to 1:15 Field trip to Mill River. All in all it's a nice trip, the students impress me with how much they remember from a curriculum that we haven't spent that much time on and we return to school on time, only to discover that---

1:15 The cafeteria manager has either 1) not received or 2) disregarded my various emails asking if we can eat lunch later. I now have ten kids without a lunch. A compromise is reached and she serves them pizza. No big deal because most third graders would take pizza over a calzone any day, especially if you take a look at the calzones they serve.
1:30 We eat lunch in our room, including me, which is, for some reason, completely fascinating to some students and they spend at least ten minutes staring at every single bite I eat and telling me it looks good. I shoo them away and then decide to take them outside to get rid of some energy. (Because believe it or not, they still have some!)

Our afternoon progresses without much to report, a short writing time, a quick math game and then some read aloud.
One would hope my day is over.....but no....

4:00 Time for a faculty meeting where we get to review the budget. Looks like I'll have a job (and a new teammate) next year--phew!

4:45 Faculty meeting ends, my friend is on the way over to my school to review our presentation for class one last time. I frantically pass out morning work, put up the schedule for tomorrow and write directions on the board then get to work clearing off my desk.

4:55 Said friend arrives and we begin to plow through our presentation. A few modifications later, we make some changes to our handout. I make new copies, we practice one last time then we realize that we are supposed to resubmit a new project proposal. We throw something together using our old one and dash out the door to eat dinner.

6:00-6:25 Dinner. Breathe.

7:00-10:00 Class. We present our project first and it ends up taking us (oops) close to an hour. However, our professor says we did a great job and called our presentation "phenomenal". I'm jazzed, until she hands out our final (take home) exam which looks like more work than I want to do.

10:00-10:30 Drive home in record time. No, I didn't speed she actually let us out a bit early....
10:30 Begin a horribly boring post about my horribly long day.

Next time someone asks me why I'm tired, I'm going to send them this link.
Is it Friday yet?


Kelli said...

Lisa, for someone who doesn't even drink coffee you amaze me.

Nature's classroom! That's when I was at your house then, one year ago. Oh, I loved my extended visit with you guys last year - even if I did spend half the time crying or complaining about my sore mouth....

AND - I am so, so, so psyched you're still on board for NaBloPoMo. It's a long haul to get through November but you're no quitter. Yay you.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I went to a Library Media meeting yesterday, too! :) And congrats on making it this far with the posting. Every time I see another person drop off I feel sad for them. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Yipes! I'm tired out -just reading your post. How do you do it all???
Take care and call if you need ANYTHING..
Love ya Mom S xoxoxox


Sorry I'm so late in responding...

I have to eat lunch with my 4-year-olds every day because we serve them and teach them manners, etc. And yep, they stare at your lunch, stick their fingers in it, sneeze on it, etc. I SO wish we had a teacher's lounge! :-)