Friday, November 09, 2007


Fanksgiving is tomorrow...
What is Fanksgiving you ask? Why, it is Fake Thanksgiving! My wonderful mother in law (I am one of those lucky ladies who adores her mother in law and my father in law and my sister in law and gets along fantastically well with all of them) started this new family tradition once her kids were growing up and getting married. We get together a week or two before real Thanksgiving and celebrate together. The whole she-bang, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie....everything. That way, on real Thanksgiving no one is frantically trying to meet up with two families, or coordinate schedules or stuffing themselves until they pass out.

The best part is that this family tradition started out rather small....and has now grown to include my parents and my siblings, my brother in law's parents and siblings and other family members. I think we are up to twenty people this year....

And not only do we eat, but we do crafts! And we do a Yankee Swap! And we sleep over and watch movies! Then eat a yummy breakfast the next day! Wait, back up...what's a Yankee Swap you ask? (I didn't know what it was either, until Fanksgiving!) Well, see, everyone brings a gift, a small gift, under $20. Sometimes (shhhh) even a re-gift. Then we all take numbers. Number 1 chooses any gift they want. Number 2 can either take the gift from number 1, or choose a new gift. Number 3 can either take the gift from number 1 or 2 or choose a new gift. And so it goes....It's great fun, frankly, and if you've never done it, than you should.

So, Fanksgiving is tomorrow! Russ and I are busily preparing ice cream (we are slightly famous for our homemade ice cream, but that's a story for another post) and wrapping Yankee swap gifts and making a few appetizers.

I will be sure to report on all the festivities as they enfold!

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