Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Six month photos

Taking advantage of a day off of work, our little family of three headed to get six month/Christmas portraits of Aliza taken.
Not knowing what to expect, I packed a few changes of clothes, some toys, my nursing tent, diapers etc. I thought it would take an hour, maybe two, but not much longer than that. We had an appointment after all. Doesn't that mean you shouldn't have to wait to get in?
Apparently not.
We showed up on time for our appointment, and then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally, we were ushered into a small room to take our pictures and peppered with questions: "how does she do sitting?, what kind of portraits? can she stand? how about crawl? will she prop herself up? what background do you want?" I repeatedly told the photographer that she was just barely six months and therefore not doing much of anything on her own yet. Finally we settled into the picture taking. We were only planning on taking pictures of Aliza, but the photographer asked us to get in the shots- both individually and as a family. Although we weren't quite dressed for such an event, we did so. Of course, now we are happy we did.
Once the pictures were done we headed outside to meet with a consultant to order our prints. We waited. And waited. And dear lord, waited some more. Finally, we got to choose our prints. We definitely got suckered into buying a larger package than we had intended, but decided it was well worth it since we got a DVD of all of the shots.
I'm not giving too many away- after all, they will be presents in a month and a half, but here are some pictures of Aliza in her Christmas dress at six months old. Well worth all the waiting, as far as I'm concerned!


Gram S said...

This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL Baby EVER!!!Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

I LOVE THESE!!! She is so cute. My favorite is the last one when she looks all snugly. I know what I'm asking for for xmas. This week cannot go fast enough. I am so excited to see you all.
Love you,

Kelli said...

Okay, this is my 2nd attempt at a comment b/c the computer didn't let me leave one the first time.

ANYWAY. What I was saying was how much I love the first one b/c she's such a knock out and then I love the last one b/c you just break into instant smile when you see her grinning like that.

I am dying to meet this baby of yours! :-)

Keetha said...

Just. Too. Cute.

Definitely worth the wait!

JaxMom said...

What a doll! Glad you got shots that you like, and the photog people are such PROS at sucking the money right out of your wallet!

I now go with a thorough list of who will get what size of what, and still get suckered in....