Sunday, November 09, 2008

New pictures!

Here are some recent pictures of Aliza:

Playing in her activity chair.

Tummy time!

Sitting up in her high chair like a big girl!


Kelli said...

Look at that head of hair!
So cute!
Your comments about what the word verifications were on my blog cracked me up --- esp. b/c as I type, this time it wants me to type in "Reese" (like I need a reason to have more Reese's peanut butter cups?!)

JaxMom said...

Wow. Getting to be such a big girl! It blew me away wen you mentioned in a previous post that she is 6 months already. How time flies.

Keep taking pics of her in that high chair. It is fun/scary/amazing to watch their feet reach lower and lower, and their head get higher and higher.

p.s. Thanks for my comments. I have had the same thoughts about meeting you and Aliza...maybe someday we will be out east if KTP makes it back there for good.