Thursday, November 13, 2008

Me me

Outside my window: a lawn covered in leaves, water reflecting off the lake, swans.

Daily rhythm: Lately? Frantic.

I am thankful for: Aliza. My family. A husband who is an amazing father. Good health. A job I love. Waking up every morning with a fully functioning body in a cozy home. My friends. That I need nothing stronger than a good cry, a long hug and chocolate to get me through a rough day. Living in an area where I get to see the leaves change colors, the snow fall, the spring buds blossom and the summer sun shine. And so much more....

In the kitchen: is where I grew up watching my Mom cook.

Breakfast:Varies by day but is absolutely essential I believe.

Lunch:Usually eaten while standing up in front of my kids teaching these days.

Dinner tonight: Baked ziti, thanks Mom!

I am wearing: Jeans and a sweater.

I am creating: A future citizen of the world that is, hopefully, responsible, respectful and kind.

Bringing beauty to my home: happens every day in the form of Aliza.

I am hoping for: a life filled with laughter, light and love with only a few rough spots for Aliza.

Around the house: baby stuff EVERYWHERE. She has taken over in a very good way.

Making plans for: the future- both immediate and way far off.

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