Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bag lady

Teachers are notorious bag ladies. On any given school day I have anywhere from three to five bags. I get in trouble with all of my bags at home. They accumulate in the office and stand, propped against the desk, until Russ inevitably trips over them and then starts complaining, loudly.
He doesn't have any school bags.

Now that I am a mom, I have even more bags. No joke, I left to go to school and I had five bags. I mean, they are all nice bags, so there is that. But five bags.... As I stumble out of the house with my many bags, fresh from saying goodbye to Aliza, I can't help but think, every time, how my literal stumbling is a metaphorical reality these days: life is all about balance. I have to balance my many bags--one for pumping, which is for Aliza; one for lunch, which is for me; one for school work, which is for my is difficult to balance all of these things. Literally and figuratively.
I've never been very good with balance. Literally or figuratively.


Dianna said...

Thats a great analogy and so true...finding your balance in life is tricky and takes time and patience!!! But its all worth it!

PS- Your bags are all very stylish! :)

JaxMom said...

Love the bags. It is VERY weird and refreshing when you can shed some of the bags. Most normal running around, we now only have one bag - my knock-off DB giraffe skin and hot pink trimmed bargain from a gift shop.

It is tall enough to hold my stuff PLUS a sippy cup, a few hotwheels cars, and even Puppy & Blankie if necessry.

Some days we still leave with TONS of bags. My computer bag; my purse bag; jax back pack; jax school bag and some misc other bag, so don't feel bad.