Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A day

NPW wrote a post about what she dealt with today...I read it and kind of wished my day went anything like hers.

My day was more...colorful. Yeah. That's the word. The highlight was having a student in a corner, behind a window shade, beating his fists against the glass of the window while crying and screaming at the top of his lungs., I take that back... the highlight might actually be another teacher, who has worked with this child for three years and knows him a lot better than I do (since this is only my fourth day working with him), to check in and see what was going on and then promptly leave the room calling out over her shoulder, "Let me know if you need help." Really? And how am I to let you know that when I have an out of control kid on my hands and no adult around?
The behavior spiraled from there and I spent the rest of my afternoon desperately trying to get through the lessons for the other students in my class who weren't shouting out, or jumping up and down repeatedly, or slamming the bathroom door, or singing, or throwing paper airplanes, or doing any number of disruptive behaviors. 3:45 sure didn't come fast enough for me today.

Coming home.....well, I was exhausted and emotionally drained. But it all disappeared the second I saw my beautiful Snuggles. She smiled and kicked her feet and immediately started to whine because she wanted to nurse. My heart melted and the stress of the day melted away with it.


nancypearlwannabe said...

That was a lovely happy ending. I wish my crazy days ended with something like that, but if it ended with Chris wanting to nurse that would be totally creepy and gross.

JaxMom said...

WOW to both days. I dealt with a 30 something who was doing a virtual headbanging against a wall via email, a committee chair who could not deal with him, and then brought in his President to help solve it, and my boss and president to get my back.

I didnot have my snuggle bug at home, but WAS able to do a nice brainy work project and met a friend for wings and beer, then 2 hours of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Hope today was better.