Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I was listening to CNN on the way to work today and they did a short clip of reactions around the world to the news that Obama is our President-elect. There was chanting and shouting and the commentator mentioned that so many countries are viewing this election as a message of hope and new beginnings. So many countries are looking to reaffirm or rekindle relations with the U.S. now that there is a new kid on the block. Can you even imagine? Can you even imagine your face being known around the world? Taking a job that is, in and of itself, unfathomable in its power and influence, and then making it even bigger because of who you are and what you represent?

I can't.

Not that I am comparing myself in any way to President-elect Obama, but lately, there seem to be a lot of expectations surrounding my return to work. I have this student who has pretty much been allowed to run amuck since the start of the school year. I mean, it's messy. He shouts out VERY inappropriate things, including curse words, periodically throughout the day. He hops like a frog around the classroom. He pulls out a book and reads pretty much whenever he wants. He argues with everyone fairly regularly- even going so far as to engage in a tug of war over materials with another teacher. He sits in the middle of the floor and refuses to move his spot during reading workshop. He'll enter the classroom shouting something random at the top of his lungs. In short, he is a constant disruption.

And for some reason, everyone seems to think that his behavior will magically change as soon as I return to work. As if this kid who has done whatever he wants for the last three months will suddenly realize the error of his ways and change just because his "real" teacher is back.

Yeah right.

The expectations are high though. I can't help but think, on this dawn of a new day for America and a new beginning for me, that if you have such high expectations, how can you not disappoint someone?


Dianna said...

I hear ya Li! Its tough, but they only expect a lot because they know how very capable you are and that you can do it! Just do what you do love ...teach them and everything will fall into place!

Becky said...

Wow...has anyone suggested that this child be evaulated for psychological reasons? It sounds a little like Tourette's. People always seem to think that a new person, a change to the dynamic will make things dramatically different. But I am sure that you will rise to the challenge. =)