Friday, November 21, 2008


A hodgepodge of a post:

It was a very rough day in this educator's classroom. Friday's are notoriously bad in my room with one child taking all of my energy and patience so that by the end of the day I was shoveling Star Burst into my mouth in a frenzy. Paper airplanes were thrown, kids were shoved off of their seats, inappropriate comments were made, coins were rolled across the classroom, more inappropriate comments at the loudest possible decibel, dice chucked across the room, jumping jacks in the hallway, rude drawings on the board, an entire box of tissues was shredded and thrown away, pounding against a wall, a desk, a window, a book....and the list goes on.
I'm wiped.


Aliza gets to eat "real" food this weekend. We are starting her with carrots, fresh from Nonna's garden. I can't WAIT to see the expression on her face when she gets a taste of real grown up food for the first time.


I need to find a tailor. (Please don't shoot me when I say this next part.....) Nursing, and now running around like a maniac, has caused me to lose my weight. I still have a belly, much to my frustration as I try on top after top and none of them work, but my pants don't fit me so well anymore. They sag in horrible places. Most of them I can get away with, but I have two pairs that practically fall off of me. And they are relatively new! I refuse to get rid of them so instead I need to find a tailor.


I am not much of a shopper, but lately, all I want to do is go shopping. I think it has something to do with the above paragraph. Or perhaps the frustration of trying on six tops in the morning before finding one that works, discarding half as I go because they are too old, too small, too tight...My pile for Salvation Army is growing while my number of possible shirts is shrinking. Yes, I plan my outfits in advance but who has time to try them on in advance? Certainly not me. So I have an outfit in my head that I think looks good, and I put it on and, more often then not, the shirt doesn't work. So then I have to go through a good ten minute struggle to find an outfit that does work. Frankly, I don't have time for that in the morning. It is time to shop, if only to make my life easier at 5 in the morning. Plus I'm really into cozy dresses (after seeing my sister in law in a fabulous one last weekend) and I want some in my wardrobe. I bought two from Target (I never online shop, but I did it, only because it said, very clearly, that the dresses can be returned to any Target store), we will see if they fit. I am also very into accessories lately. Necklaces in particular. I've always loved earrings, and still do, but lately necklaces and bracelets are my new thing.


I still need something to hold all of my jewelry. I have all these fantastic earrings that are jumbled in a drawer. Another thing that takes me time in the morning- pawing through all of the various earrings to find the one I want, then pawing through again to find it's mate. Kelli found something for me that I really liked, but decided was way too small. So I never got it. (Sorry Kel!)


Time to go eat dinner....


Jules said...

I'm in a very similar predicament. My skirts have begun sinking, sinking, sinking on my hips. And pants that don't fit are just a scary saggy mess... I have a few pairs now stashed at the back of the closet. I refuse to pay a tailor though--and instead leave piles of clothing on my mother's ironing board in the hopes that she'll put tucks in as needed. I should just learn to do it myself!!

Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the mashed carrots! I hope there will be messy face pictures to see!

Beth said...

guess what!! I went shopping for you this morning :) I went to a sample sale for a company called Boden and I found you a thing or two...hope they fit~
love you,

JaxMom said...

Wow! What a day. Catching up on my reading and will catch up on my blogging. My friday was bad so I left my lap top here in my office to go get a beer, but not THAT bad!

Kelli said...

I've bought a few things from Target online and their returns are really easy. You just have to print something online and then voila! they can be returned right away in the store.

I hope you like what you ordered though and don't need to return anything.
Good luck with the hunt.

(And colorful, fun necklaces, are very much the thing this year. You're so en vogue!)