Monday, April 28, 2008


I believe that miracles are all around a thousand and one tiny ways they are happening. If you are lucky, then you get to witness a Big Miracle. The kind that leaves you crying in disbelief. That makes you realize that there is just no. other. explanation. Other than a miracle that is.

I have now experienced two of these Big Miracles in my life. The first was witnessing the birth of my second niece. If you've ever been blessed enough to witness a delivery then you know what I mean when I say that there is nothing so Miraculous as the birth of a child. One minute she was someone we dreamed and wondered and hoped and prayed for and the next she was in this world, waving her hands and crying and already developing her own unique personality. I remember thinking, as I stood there watching my niece take her very first breath in this world, "how can anyone NOT believe in some kind of a God when faced with the birth of a child?"

Most recently I experienced another miracle. Russ' aunt recently had a brain aneurysm. Or rather, a "nest" in her brain that began to bleed out. And did so rather rapidly, so that in mere hours half of her brain was filled with blood. The outlook, at first, was grim. Say your goodbyes the doctors counseled, as they wheeled her into surgery. Next, the words, "well, she made it through surgery, but we have no idea how much of Her will be there, or what the damage will be." Next, "her vision and speech may be impaired, we are going to keep her in a medically induced coma for a few days." And finally, a mere 24 hours later, "she's going to take a nap, then we are going to get her out of bed and walking around." Even the nurse admitted that she had never seen such an amazing recovery. We drove up to see her and I swear, you would never have known (aside from the shaved head and bandages) that the woman had brain surgery less than 24 hours earlier. She was sitting up, her color was good, her eyes were clear and she was talking and joking. Joking!

Here's the thing- everything, and I do mean everything, conspired to make the worst possible situation into the best possible situation. She happened to be in Boston when her symptoms became alarming enough to warrant a 911 call. Surrounded by family, with a trained nurse by her side. She was rushed to Mass General, and a doctor there had the smarts to get her into surgery within 30 minutes of her arrival. She was also operated on by the head of neurosurgery. If any one of those things didn't happen as they did, the chances are strong that she would not be with us today....or she would not be the woman that we know and love. She is a walking miracle. A testament to the fact that there are some things in this world that just don't make sense. Yeah, you can argue science, medicine, technology even, saved her. But for me....I believe there was someone watching out that day. Someone who saved her life.


Beth said...

I couldn't agree with you more Lisa and this is a beautifully written post. I've been thinking all of these things all day and feel so blessed to have witnessed this miracle too and most of all to have Aunt Lynn safe and sound. Now I'm excited to witness the miracle (well, be in the waiting room hopefully) of MY niece's birth. You are a little miracle yourself. It was so good to see you.

Mom S said...

Oh've captured my brain and seen my exact thoughts. You are so right! Saved from the brink and the birth of new amazing little lives.... we have been witness to some miracles!!! Truley absolute miracles on Earth!
Love you!

Kelli said...

When Beth emailed me about what happened, I wrote back saying I think your Aunt's guardian angel was working overtime this weekend.

I'm so relieved to hear she's okay - better than okay - and that many angels pulled together to create this miracle.

This was a beautiful written post, Li.

Maria said...

As you know I too truly believe in miracles,They are with us & all around us.She had many people praying for her recovery & many guardian angels protecting her.I was so relieved to hear the good news,I thanked God,for his good work.Thank you & Russ for keeping me informed.