Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby's room

Russ and I spent the week of our vacation engaging in some serious getting-ready-for-baby activities. Her room is now, 98% done. All it is missing is a standing lamp to put behind the chair, some cute baskets for the shelving unit above the changing table and some fun pictures. I have to say that Russ did most of the work-since it was construction-type things, like changing the light fixtures, assembling furniture, hanging black out shades etc. My work will come once I have my baby showers-then it will be time for sorting, and washing and folding....But for now, here are some pictures of her room:

This is our second piece of baby furniture. My mom and dad actually bought it for us ages ago, all we need now is the mattress that goes on top to make it a changing table.

The unit above it Russ assembled and hung, all it needs now is some baskets to hold stuff.

Her book case, that I'm hoping will soon be filled with even more bedtime stories:

And the chair, that was the hardest thing to find believe it or not....I knew exactly what I wanted and was willing to wait to find it. Russ, on the other hand, was getting rather nervous every time he heard "6-8 weeks for delivery of furniture that you order" what with her arrival falling right within that time period. We finally did find it, and it got delivered over break. I know I'm getting at least one special blanket that I will drape over this chair. (Did I mention that it rocks and reclines?!?)
Her room: (note the blackout shades behind the curtains!)

Here are some close ups of the curtains, her bedding and her light switch:


Anonymous said...

What a perfect little room. I love all the soft, peaceful colors. I can't believe she will be in it in just a blink!!!


Dianna said...

I love it and she will too!!
Hope you are feeling well!
Dianna :)

Kelli said...

I love the bedding you choose - so sweet and peaceful. And now you've got books for your book shelves and lots of cute clothes to hang in her closet!

It was fabulous seeing you this weekend - thanks for letting me oogle your belly!!!

Maria said...

Comfy,cozy Like the rest of your house.Baby will be very happy in her room.Hope she will be spending many peaceful nights there.One can hope Right?