Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: To-Do/To-Don't list for parents

1) Do: return field trip forms, cafeteria money, library books, book orders etc. to school on time.

2) Don't: make the teacher track you down for any or all of the above. You are keeping track of your 2-3 children and your child's teacher is keeping track of 20+......and their own family.

3) Do: send a pick up note to school when you are planning on picking up your child.

4) Don't: tell your child they are a pick up and don't give them a note. It makes them anxious and unable to focus on their work because they are worrying about where they are going and how they are getting there.

5) Don't: email the teacher at 3:00 to say they are a pick up when dismissal is at 3:25.

6) Do: leave any back packs, lunch boxes, notes, books etc. for your child at the front office.

7) Don't: interrupt a class to deliver any of the above objects. First of all, your child probably doesn't need whatever you are bringing them immediately. Secondly, when you disrupt for 2 minutes, it ends up being a disruption for seven minutes (at least). That's how kids work. Finally, I would never presume to walk into your office, stand at your door and gesture to one of the people you are working with in the middle of your day.

8) Do: show up on time to pick up your child at the end of the day. Also, Do: drop your child off when school starts, not 15 minutes before.

9) Don't: arrive late, without apology, to pick your child up, rushing in the door, barely acknowledging the teachers let alone thanking them for staying with your child when every other child is already on their way home.

10) Do: talk to your child's teacher before going to the principal.

11) Don't: send nasty emails to the principal and the superintendent demanding answers or changes to things the classroom teacher may not be able to answer or change that you haven't even spoken to the teacher about in the first place.

12) Do: recognize that getting in fights with friends, forgetting homework and having a consequence, learning things in new ways.....are all part of growing up and being a kid.

13) Do: thank your child's teacher every now and again. That means more to us than any gift because believe it or not, we love your child and want them to be successful......


Keetha said...

I don't think I could be a teacher for anything. Thank goodness there are people like you. :-)

GramS said...

Hmmmmm... I thought that parents might already know these things. Not the case, obviously.
I chuckle when I read this knowing how quiet and calm you always are and how nice it is to see you let some of that~~ steam~~ out!
Love ya' GramS

JaxMom said...

Sounds like you might be ready for the end of the school year. Hang in there!

Jules said...

You may have already multiple sets of angel wings thanks to the enduring patience of being a teacher!!

thanks goodness there are amazing teachers like you out there helping kids make it through school (life)!

Nonna said...

I say thank goodness June is around the corner.You sound like you need a break,some rest,some sun& time with Aliza.She Always makes me smile.HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIZA.