Friday, May 29, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I finally put away my pumping back pack. I had been pumping at work all along, committed to nursing and feeding Aliza primarily mommy milk for the full year. But I hit a stretch were things just weren't coming out. I would pump and get 1/2 an ounce, or an ounce, and it was getting uncomfortable. I figured my body was telling me something so I eliminated that pumping only somewhat reluctantly, because more time at work when you teach 20 kids is never a bad thing. We were down to just nursing in the morning and at took me a little while to put away the back pack though. I was happy to have more time in my work day but putting the back pack away felt a little like closing a chapter of Aliza's life as a baby. No more mommy milk, on to regular cow's milk's a transition out of babyhood and into infancy and I had to get used to it before I could put away the back pack.

Right before her one year check up with the pediatrician I also eliminated the morning nursing. I thought I was ready to get rid of both morning and night but now that the moment has arrived to do so, I realized I'm not quite ready. I think I will be soon, because teeth HURT, but she is still my little baby girl and I like the cozy quiet time at night in the dark with lullabies playing and a warm baby snuggled close.

My tough student is in Europe until the third to last day of school. Let me rephrase that; my tough parent is in Europe. I can not even begin to express what a difference this is making in my day. Suddenly, I have time. I am (finally) feeling like the teacher I used to be; the one that had her plans set, her copies made and her homework corrected every day. I also have more energy at the end of the day so that I am not practically falling asleep while watching Aliza play at night. And my students! The atmosphere in my class is so incredibly different. They are looser, more relaxed. We are having fun and working hard and it feels great.
The family is returning just in time for a marathon parent meeting that I am dreading. The last full Friday I get to be with my students and instead I have to sit in a meeting with a parent who tells me I'm the best teacher he's ever seen to my face and then submits a report that calls my classroom toxic. It's not where I want to be. Not even a little. But at least, it will be my last meeting with this parent.

Aliza is changing almost daily. I mean, she always was, but the changes are more noticeable now. Things like new teeth appearing in her upper and lower gums and new words being said.... it is astonishing to me and I feel like I want to savor every single second because she changes so fast. After watching my two cute nieces at swim lessons, I decided to sign Aliza and I up for lessons also. I checked out our local Y and they have classes starting at the beginning of June. I'm going to call and register her on Monday. This feels like a big girl thing; to take swimming lessons....I admit, I kind of can't wait to see her in her little bathing suit (thanks to her Nonna and her GramS she has several adorable ones) splashing in the big pool!

We have 17 more days until summer. Every weekend I think "soon I get to spend EVERY day at home with Aliza....." I am counting down more than ever this year.....


Dianna said...

I'm om the count down too...although I have 19 days to go! Lets pick a time to get together in July...I may spend a week at my parents house and we could meet up then!

Tina said...

That night time snuggle (ahem...feeding) is the hardest to let go of... I don't think she'll mind if you keep the snuggle part of it.