Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday wishes

Aliza's first birthday party was a happy event....we ended up being indoors because the threat of rain seemed imminent (even though it did not actually rain), but other than that the day was absolutely perfect.
Lots of people that love Aliza to pieces came: Her grandparents: Nonna and Grosspapa, Grams and Gramps, her Aunts and Uncles: Auntie Tina and Uncle Greg and Auntie Beth and Uncle Scott, her great Grams, her favorite cousins: Cousin Juliette and Cousin Cosette, and her mommy's dear friend, Auntie Nessa and Uncle Rob. We all crowded around the two tables we had set up in our cozy house:

Aliza had the seat of honor:

After she ate, Aliza decided it was time to open presents:

Which one first?

Then, of course, she wanted to play a bit with her new toys:But we finally decided it was time for cake:

She didn't like her birthday hat as much as her mommy did:

Hmmm.....I'm not sure about this stuff, maybe I'll play with it a bit:OK, everyone else is eating it, I'll give it a try:

Wait! This stuff is yummy! Mommy, get me more!

Finally, we headed outside to play with some more of her new toys. Her Daddy and Uncle Greg and Uncle Scott and Gramps worked hard to put her new toys together:

Happy 1st Birthday!


GramS said...

That's a story she'll want to hear over and over again. I love it too. Great pictures.
Love GramS

Nonna said...

What a wonderful day it was!She was at her cutest level.
Loved all the pictures.
will be looking @these over & over.

JaxMom said...

What a wonderful day! Happy Birthday,Aliza.

Kelli said...

I LOVE Aliza's dress. Like, kind of wish that print came in an adult size, love. It's so cute!

Keetha said...

Looks like you hosted a great bithday party!

I love the red wagon. And the cake!

Cindy Close said...

The birthday party looks like it was a big hit. Lots of fun.
Happy Birthday Aliza.
Aunt Cindy

Vodka Mom said...

my baby just turned 19. sigh.

In the blink of an eye she'll be screaming at you that you are a f***ing bitch. (She's such a peach...)

treasure these moments.....