Sunday, May 17, 2009


My little baby is one today...I feel like I'm not ready for it to happen. Where did the year go? There are so many things I want to hold on to-
Like meeting her for the very first time:

Bringing her home from the hospital....probably the scariest drive I've ever experienced:
Arriving home and not knowing where in the world to put her!

Her first bath- in the sink. She used to make the cutest little face--eyes wide open, mouth in a little o, one hand fisted up by her head. And she used to go so still and quiet.....we captured it here:

Bringing her to the beach house- and taking her first fence picture:

Her first happy girl smile.....I think I took fifty pictures of this moment:

Her special baptism, with her gorgeous princess dress:

Eating cereal for the first time, she used to like to hang on to my hand when I fed her:
And the big girl bath that she still loves:

How can we forget some of her holidays- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Her favorite Snoopy-friend, that she loves to snuggle with:And here she is most recently- playing, eating, standing and laughing:

Happy Birthday Snuggles. Mommy and Daddy love you to pieces!


GramS and GrampS said...

A beautifully, wonderfully, fabulously exciting year! Put us on that list of people who love Aliza to pieces.
Love GramS and GrampS

Kelli said...

WOW that year flew past.
Happy Birthday Aliza! And happy first year as parents to Mommy and Daddy!

Nonna said...

Hey,you need a much longer list of all of us that love her.She has blossomed & developed quite the personality.L-O-V-E her squishy face.
Love her beautiful smile.LOVE her

Kelli said...

P.S. I adore the photo of her sitting w/ the soda can, wearing her little pedal pusher jeans. She looks like a little teenager...just over at somebody's house, hanging out, listening to music. So cute!

JaxMom said...

YEAH!! And happy anniversary to you! I remember the days surrounding Jackson's first birthday, driving people insane with my "one year ago today, I/we were ____" I relived every moment as if it was yesterday.

Cindy Close said...

Oh my, has time just buzzed by so fast. I loved seeing all the first pictures and how much Aliza changed and grew into a big one year old. Great job Lisa and Russ she looks wonderful and beautiful too.You make parenting look so easy.
Aunt Cindy