Sunday, May 10, 2009


Growing up, I always knew she was a pretty amazing Mom. How could I not? Even if I didn't know it, I had countless friends who could have told me. Ours was the house that everyone always wanted to hang out at. Probably because my mom greeted everyone with a welcome smile, warm hug and a plate of something delicious to eat. She made breakfast every morning, sent us to school with a lunch made just the way we liked it and always had a snack ready for us when we came home. She drove us countless places, never complaining once about all the places she carted us to and all the hours she spent waiting, watching, cheering with us. Somehow, after all of that, she still managed to make a delicious meal for us to all come home and sit down to.

She also set rules and expected us to follow them; thirty minutes of playing outside (if it was sunny) or inside (if it wasn't) and then homework. At dinner time we had chores to do and after dinner we could watch T.V. if our homework was done. Say hello to your host when you walk in, please and thank you all the time, and good-bye and thanks when you leave. And above all else, never, ever, lie.

She also taught us, as we grew older, to do things for ourselves. Things like making our own bed, doing our laundry, picking up after ourselves....not because she couldn't or didn't want to do these things for us but because she knew that she was teaching us more than just being neat....she was teaching us to be self sufficient and independent.

I knew then that she was an amazing mom.
But now that I am a mom myself, I understand just a bit better how much she gave, and how selflessly she gave it. I measure myself against the mom she still is today and, although I know I may not ever get there, if I am half the mom she is, then my little Aliza is one lucky girl.
Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you, with all of my heart.


Nonna said...

You still have the ability to bring me to tears. You're right I did it with all my heart.Now,It's double with my granddaughters.Life is good.I feel very lucky,with my daughters,sons(noticed its plural)& especially my granddaughters.
Love you back

Kelli said...

Oh dear. Tears in my eyes.

Happy Mother's Day to BOTH of you!

Keetha said...

What a great tribute!

GramS said...

I have enjoyed the honor and the pleasure of watching you with your very special mother. I see you as the wonderful young mother that you are, because of her love and guidance.
Love GramS

Dianna said...

So sweet and so true! Being a mom is a special job with its own very special rewards! Happy Mother's Day to you!