Sunday, August 17, 2008

Three and thirty-two

Aliza is three months old today.....and I am 32 years old today. We spent yesterday afternoon exactly the way I wanted, eating yummy food, surrounded by family, outside in our yard. It was an absolutely perfect day....And here is Aliza at the end of the day, sharing her thoughts with us!


Gram S said...

Very FUN movies...I give them
5 stars!!!! The ending of
part II - is CLASSIC Aliza-
We love you xoxoxoxo

Kelli said...


I adored these videos and really cannot believe your daughter is already 3 months old. She's a beauty.

Dianna said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Love the videos! We may be around your neck of the woods in the next few weeks I'll let you know when so we can catch up! :)

vanessa.e said...

Nice work. I love how she was watching Russ and listening to him so intently. Too cute! And Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see the purses.

Beth said...

She is so cute!! I miss her so it's nice to visit your blog and see her moving around and talking to her Mom and Dad. I hope you had a great Birthday~
Love you all,
Auntie Beth