Friday, August 22, 2008


There are a few things that I now know for certain. Things I knew before but, now, having a baby around, I really Know.

My newest life lesson is one of these--one that I knew but am now experiencing. Schedules. Or lack thereof.

Aliza introduced me to that lesson early on--arriving three weeks early and completely eliminating any prospect of resting before giving birth. Now she is teaching me all over again. At three months she is not on any sort of schedule. Actually, I shouldn't say that--she does sleep VERY well at night time, but even that is not consistent. One night she'll wake up at 3, the next at 5, the next at 6:30. It's all over the map really. Her days are much the same--one day she'll take a nap in the morning, another one in the afternoon.....the next she won't nap all day long.

At our last doctor's appointment I had asked about this, wondering if I should become one of those moms who tries to force a schedule on a baby. This seemed counter to every maternal instinct I have, but I'm new at this so I figured I'd ask a professional. To me, it make sense to follow Aliza's schedule--if she takes a nap in the morning, obviously I let her. If she doesn't, well, I don't force her into one. The doctor agreed with me; telling me that it's OK for her to not have a schedule quite yet and as long as she's eating and sleeping well then I shouldn't worry (not that I was).

So, Aliza is, as I suspected she would be, the boss. I let her lead, and, for now at least, I follow.


Gram s said...

You have the CUTEST boss.
You're right! She is -kind of- figuring out life, day by day and you are doing a great job of keeping up with all of the changes.
I'm just so happy that we get to watch you !! and sometimes help. This is so much fun.
Lots of love Gram S

JaxMom said...

Hang in there, and it is AWESOME she is doing well at night. From what I hear that is a huge hurdle. Jax started an 11 PM to 5 AM at least routine at about 5 weeks. We never had the day and night thing confused. Sounds like Aliza is a clever girl!