Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reason #127

Reason #127 why I love blogging so much-well, just read the comments you all left yesterday. OK, OK, there were only four, but those four comments made my day and kept me smiling. Thank you thank you thank you!

(127 was an arbitrary number, but it sounded good and I bet if I really worked on it I'd be able to come up with 126 reasons why I do love blogging, as inconsistent as I am! Oh, and NPW, I DID want to punch her out. Seriously.)

Yesterday was apparently a good comment day all around---so I share a few more with you that I got in person that also made me feel good....and so that you don't think that everything people say is negative!

"Could you please gain some weight in your ass so the rest of us feel better?"
(I totally loved that one because I'm a little happy with the fact that-so far-I've gained very little weight in that area. And that was a woman, not a man saying that. Does that make it creepy? Somehow, it didn't feel that way.)

"You are the CUTEST pregnant woman! My daughter told me that your husband is SO excited!"
(Her daughter had my husband as a teacher last year. And he is excited, in a very endearing, loving way.)

And this, from the mother of a student I haven't seen in awhile:
"You look so good! You're six months along? Then you look REALLY good!"

I think part of my happiness also definitely came from the fact that my daughter was kicking and moving all day long yesterday. She is one strong little lady let me tell you. She already kicks so hard that my stomach literally moves on the outside. And, for the record, I have no idea why people say it's like an alien inside of you. I mean, it IS a little weird that there is a little person inside of you, but whenever she moves it makes me happy. That's my daughter! I also got some paperwork on being selected to be trained as a BEST portfolio scorer over the summer (if you are a teacher in CT, or know a teacher in CT then you know what the BEST portfolio is. If you aren't, then trust me, you are lucky.) I threw it right away. Didn't even consider it. My god that felt GOOD!
(Wait, I'm having a weird sense of deja vu....did I already write that whole alien thing on another post? Oh well, if I did then chalk it up to pregnancy brain.)

Smiles all around!


Dianna said...

Treasure the happy comments they are what really matter! For me its not only the comments made but the permission people think they have to touch your growing belly! Enjoy the happy kicks its baby saying hello Mommy! I can't wait to feel that again! :)

nancypearlwannabe said...

Phew. I was beginning to think you were surrounded by insensitive clods. Good to know that some people can still give compliments! :)

Kelli said...

You are so cute.

I don't remember the alien comment before, I think you're good.

Also, I liked Mrs. S's response about the person having had 6 or 8 baby girls. oh...SNAP!

Tina said...

You threw it away?! I am SO proud of you!

Vanessa E. said...

Wait a second?!?! Are you six months along? Because then I missed something really big and I don't usually confuse details like that. Or does that mean you are in your 6 month? See? Again why you do these things first. I am totally confused.