Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tomorrow the adventure begins

Tomorrow marks the start of a brand new school year. That's right, tomorrow, twenty five little darlings will arrive in my classroom to spend their third grade year with me. (Yes, I did say twenty five.)

The past few days have been a blur of professional development, meetings, planning and countless hours preparing for this, the first day of school. A little known secret---teachers are just as nervous as the students on that first day!

Wish me luck!


Kelli said...

I had no idea you were starting school before Labor Day! Holy smokes! I feel like you were just telling us about how summer was finally here a week ago!

I hope today goes great, your kids are super, and you feel right at home back in the classroom. (The same for Russ too!)

I'm looking forward to another year of "tales from a 3rd grade teacher!"

Anonymous said...

TGIF--Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!
So how did the first week go?
Mom S xoxoxox