Friday, August 03, 2007

Still got it

Picture this: a group of women that I was just eating lunch with (it was a meeting, not a fun lunch date with friends) leave an average restaurant in the town I work in. We gather outside the door, discussing directions to the next stop. Two men stand nearby, chatting together. Since I am not going with them to the next stop, I say my goodbyes and walk away...

I head towards my car, but turn around to offer one last wave to my colleagues. As I do, I notice that one of the men is behind me. He calls out "How you doing?" I smile and nod but turn back around and continue walking. Just as I reach my car the following conversation ensues:

Him: Excuse me, let me ask you something, how old are you?
Me: (Taken slightly aback at the absolute brazenness of the man) Almost 31. (If I'm asked that question, I always answer almost 31 because, frankly, it feels a little old to me and I'm trying to get used to saying the number.)
Him: You are absolutely adorable, are you single?
Me: (Seriously shocked and looking around for someone I know so they can witness this crazy scene.) No, I'm happily married. (Slight emphasis on the happily.)
Him: (Extending his hand.) I'm John.
Me: (Extending mine, although I'm thoroughly confused as to why he'd want to shake my hand when I clearly indicated that I'm not at all available.) Lisa.
Him: You have a great handshake too. (I am rather proud of my handshake I must say. No limp hands for me! No no, a nice firm grip. He starts to walk away and calls over his shoulder, nice to meet you.)

A colleague rounds the corner at the end of this exchange and calls out "I leave you alone for a minute and look at what happens!" I explain what happened and then end with, "I can't wait to tell my husband this story!!!"

That's right, almost 31 and actually getting hit on!


Dianna said...

You go girl! :)

Kelli said...

Work it girlfriend!