Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You can call me Anal

When we send emails at school, part of the name of the sender pops up in the recipients inbox. Well, since my name is listed as Analisa, what pops up is Anal. A male colleague pointed this out to me a couple of years ago (rather gleefully I might add) and then spent the rest of the year finding examples of how I really am rather anal. He didn't have to look too far.

I'll admit, there are some things I am way more anal about than others. My classroom for example. But, then again, I don't know a single teacher that isn't a bit of a control freak about their classroom. I think I might be a touch more over the top. Of course I think that because I've been told, and teased, about it.

Now that Aliza is going to day care and suddenly I am a Parent interacting with Teachers, my anal nature is kicking into high gear. I think it is something to do with being a teacher myself. I know those parents that get talked about. The ones that don't hand in field trip permission slips so you have to call, and email, and threaten to get it. The ones who send their kid to school with Doritos every. single. day. The ones who let their kid bring in a grenade to school for show and tell. (Yes, that happened to me last year, it was empty of powder but still, who sends their kid to school with a grenade in this post-Columbine, post-9/11 day and age?!) I don't want to be THAT parent.

So far I have handed in all paperwork in a timely manner. I have been responsible about tuition and careful about signing Aliza in and out. But where I have gone over the top is her food. For some reason, sending her to "school "with breakfast, lunch and two snacks really threw me into a panic. That's a whole lot of food and all of it has to be healthy! And, because I'm me, I want most of it to be homemade. So, what did I do? Why, I'm Anal. I printed out a calender and started writing down what she'd bring each day to day care. Over the top? Perhaps. But I've already gotten a compliment on my banana pancakes from her teacher. So I'm really not THAT parent.
At least not yet.


Tina said...

You sent in banana pancakes???

GramS said...

Of course you made Aliza her special pancakes! You're wonderful.
GramS xoxoxo

Nonna said...

that's what makes you sooooo special.
My advice, keep it up.Aliza will appreciate it some day.Besides could you be any different?

JaxMom said...

You have to send food, to daycare???!!!

Before Jackson was on table food, I had to send in food, but once he could eat what the other non-infants could, we did not have to send food.

And pancakes, I am impressed!