Saturday, August 22, 2009

15 month stats and some firsts

Aliza had her 15 month check up recently. Here are her stats:
Height: 30 7/8 inches (70th percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs 15 1/4 oz (25th percentile)
Head: 46.7 inches

The doctor mentioned that most kids are walking by 15 months, which made Russ and I worry a bit. She's a fantastic crawler, and she walks hanging on to things, or people, but she hasn't actually taken those first steps on her own. Needless to say, we are walking all over the place even more than we were before the visit and encouraging all of her efforts.

The doctor also noticed that she has a breast bud developing on her right side. She said many kids outgrow it, but she wants to check in with Aliza in six weeks. I decided not to worry until I have something to worry about. All that aside, the doctor was incredibly impressed when Aliza pointed to the counter in the exam room and very clearly said "yellow". And when I started rattling off all of the other words she was saying the doctor couldn't scribble fast enough to keep up with me. I swear she learns and speaks at least one new word a day and it is astonishing.

She's also experienced several new first recently. All captured in pictures, of course!

First day going to "school" and being left there (only for a little over an hour, but still!)

Celebrating a (somewhat) successful first day of "school" with a banana milkshake. (Clearly she is her mama's daughter, it was hard to get her to share this with me!)

Using crayons for the first time! (She's going to use markers at daycare, and the doctor asked how she did manipulating crayons, so I decided that it was time she had some of her own!)

And, eating chocolate pudding for the first time! I think more of it wound up ON her than in her mouth, but she sure had fun trying it out!
Finally, a video of my chatty girl. She normally holds the phone up to her ear and says hello but, of course, because I was videotaping she didn't. But you can hear her say hello several times. And you can see her pushing the button to make the phone pager work- another one of her favorite tricks. Plus, she looks really darned cute in her messy morning hair and her I heart Daddy jammies.


Auntie Beth said...

She is so fun to watch!! You have to guess that I'm especially excited that she's using crayons and markers. I can't wait do art projects with her. Give her hugs and kisses from us.

GramS said...

I'm still giggling watching her open and close the drawer and put the phone in and out. She's so cute!!! HELLOooo

JaxMom said...

Don't worry about the walking - I am sure it will come. I too think I left the 15 mo appointment and immediately got out the crayons. Jax still has no interest. Oh, well. He DOES love the phone now, but also has learned to HATE my new blackberry. "Just don't answer it mommy, just DON't answer it!!!"

Kelli said...

Holy smokes! When did your baby become a little girl?!

Tina said...

That banana milkshake looks as big as she is!

Soon she'll actually start dialing people, and you'll get calls back from people saying "Did you just call me?" haha, why is it that phones are so much fun?