Monday, August 31, 2009

First REAL day of school

Today summer officially ended and Russ and I returned to work. It was also Aliza's first "official" day at "school." In the tradition of our family, I had actually bought her a brand new outfit to wear. (Actually, I think I bought her like six brand new outfits, but some are for fall.) But then the weather seemed like it would be a little warm so I didn't dress her in it. She looked cute though:

Here's my brand new outfit- I know, I know, I'm not wearing it. That's because I have three days of meetings and professional development before the kids arrive (although they are visiting every day!) and I'm saving the outfit for Thursday:

Back to Aliza......Here she is with me, letting me know how she is feeling about the day:

Despite her appearance here, she actually had a really great day at school. She played, she walked (with the help of the teacher), she ate, she napped, she waved bye-bye and blew kisses when it was time to go and she came home so sandy that our just-cleaned floors are gritty. I think the five days of transition last week really helped her to have a wonderful first day. Although she still cried when I dropped her off. I'm hoping that stops soon because it sets me off and frankly, I'm running low on mascara!


Dianna said...

I love the pic of you two! Happy fist day of school week to you all! :)

Kelli said...

I love your back to school outfit - you'll get so much use out of that skirt!
And Aliza looks pretty darn cute, of course, but what else is new?

Tina said...

Buy waterproof mascara.

Keetha said...

It's never easy but it gets easIER!

Great back to school outfit - so cute!

JaxMom said...

I love the outfit. She may not stop crying each day, but my guess is she stops crying before you reach the car. Save you mascara for the parking lot!

AND it is better know than when she starts preschool and is not one of the kids clinging to the legs each day.

My friends' kids cry when mom and dad come to pick them up. It could be worse... =)

Nonna said...

sounds like everyone is off to a great school year. It really does get easier, leaving her, when she isn't crying.See you Thur.

Lara said...

Outfit looks cute! :)

LittleMissDreamer said...

aww I can't imagine the feelings involved with sending your baby to school for the first time. I hope that she (and you) adjust(s) quickly. oh, and I like your new outfit:) I need to get a few of those. It's a good feeling to start the year off fresh.

Love, your daughter said...

Super cute pics. xoxo, Mel