Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I love third graders

This was written by my students during their free time:
All about Mrs. Sherman
By: J and M

Mrs.S/Mrs. F.B (fantastically beautiful) is a really nice teacher and I like her a lot. Her favorite colors are Yellow and Red. She has dark brown hair she also has curls at the bottom of her hair and brown eyes and she also has shiny white teeth. I think that Mrs. S is really pretty. Mrs. S is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Mrs. S has a baby named Aliza. Mrs. S shows 3S videos of Aliza hitting stuff of going sledding and stuff like that Aliza’s really funny and cute. Mrs. S favorite animals is are cats and dolphins. Mrs. S favorite word discombobulated.Mrs S favorite food is her mom’s meat sauce Mrs S favorite vacation spot St. John. Mrs S favorite fruits mango, banana, pineapple. Mrs S favorite dessert is banana cheesecake. Mrs S favorite game is Gin rummy. Mrs S birthday is is August 17th. Mrs. S favorite kind of tea is chai tea latte.Mrs S favorite hobbies are Reading, Writing, Playing with her daughter Aliza , and going on walks. Mrs S teaches 3S. If you get Mrs S as a teacher she will probably be the coolest teacher you’ve ever had or nicest teacher ever. You should meet her! The End! P.S. If you run into her say hi Mrs. S! You awesome!

Seriously, how could I not love my job!?!?


JaxMom said...

Lisa -

That is sooooo sweet!!! AND a testiment to what a great teacher you are.


Keetha said...

What's not to love? :-)

Tina said...

Banana cheesecake?

Just wait until Aliza starts talking about you this way...