Monday, February 09, 2009

Aliza's latest

I managed to capture Aliza doing all of her new tricks at once! SO BIG! YAY! and feeding herself!


Gram S said...

WOW!!! She's the cutest baby ever!
I loved hearing your voices in the background as much as I loved watching Aliza. This is priceless.
Love to ALL... Gram S

Kelli said...

When I first read your post before the video I thought you meant so big! yay! like you were giving yourself a pat on the back -- like yay for me! this is huge!...then I watched the video and realized your little girl is so not a baby anymore!
Wow, she is just gorgeous. And I agree with Gram S. It was fun to hear you two on the video as well.


Anonymous said...

Oh Aliza what a big girl you are. :)
You are soooo cute. I want to just hold you and hug you and kiss you.
Love, Aunt Cindy

Beth said...

Ahhhh! I love it. She is fun to watch. And I agree w/ all of the above. She is so grown up! I love the raspberries too, and when Russ says "thank you internet".
Auntie Beth