Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dunkin' vs. Starbucks

So, my local Dunkin' Donuts is closed for renovations....now, I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm a tea drinker, and we tea drinkers are often forgotten in the world of all things coffee....but that's a post for another day. You'd think that you can get a cup of tea anywhere, but really, it's not that easy.

I don't often stop for tea, partly because I'm still limited to one cup of caffeine a day and I drink a cup while I'm running around in the morning getting dressed and partly because I leave my house later and later in the morning so I simply don't have time. But on Fridays we are treated to breakfast (and by treated I mean we sign up to bring breakfast a couple of times a year) and I treat myself to a cup of tea. But my local Dunkin' is closed. I could go to another one in town, but it is farther away, and out of my way, and, like I said, I don't have the time. So, lately I've gotten in the habit of stopping at a Starbucks that is somewhat on the way and getting tea there.

I'm sure you are thinking, 'what's the problem? Tea is tea...' and see, that is where you would be wrong. I like the fancy teas as much as anyone, earl grey, raspberry peach, lemon, peppermint, darjeeling....and, if I'm being totally honest I'll say that I love cut tea over tea bags any day. (Tastes better....fresher.) But on a Friday morning, all I want is a cup of regular old Tetley. Or Lipton. With cream and sugar. That's it. Nothing fancy, nothing decaf, or herbal, or fruity...just regular tea.

Impossible to get at Starbucks. So I've been getting chai tea lattes. Which I also love, but to me, are more of a dessert treat than a morning tea. And chai doesn't go as well with the bagel and cream cheese I eat on Fridays. I miss my Dunkin' tea.

How about you? Which do you prefer? Take a gander at my sidebar and cast your vote....


Kelli said...

Oh this is such a dilemma for me! ON your survey I picked Dunkin - and I love Dunkin. It's a good way to start the day and while I'm a coffee girl in the AM, I do enjoy their tea with cream and sugar as well (that's usually my go-to when an afternoon pick up is needed.)

But, oh Starbucks, how I enjoy thee too. When I worked in NYC we had a Starbucks in our building and whoo-boy was that trouble.

I guess, in my (clothes loving) head Dunkin is like the Gap. You know exactly what you're getting everytime you step inside and is a great go-to for good, solid basics.
Starbucks is more like Anthropologie - a little bit different, a little more funky and unique, and a lot more expensive!

Still, I love the Gap & Anthropologie equally...so I guess I have to love Dunkin and Starbucks equally too.

And chai lattes! Yum!

(Word verification = geesz. Even word verification thinks my clothing analogy is wacky!)

Beth said...

I just recently tried their London Fog latte and it is really yummy...like an Earl Grey latte. If you like Earl Grey I'd recommend it w/ skim ;)

GramS said...

Hmmmmm....I like Dunkin Donut Coffee- but YOU make the BEST coffee in the morning. Starbucks is too oily tasting for me, too harsh tasting. My favorite coffee drink is a fresh cappucino with a little raw sugar after a great dinner. I used to like tea and just started to have it again in the afternoons with honey. I'm really tempted to try a chai tea soon, they have it up at Emeralds Bakery near your house.

Tina said...

I wrote a post about this long ago...Coffee Convert. Used to be a die hard DD girl, but now it is Starbucks all the way. Except Greg just told me that there is a new joint that has equally good coffee now.... McDonalds.

I'm not sure if I believe him.

Keetha said...

I'm a coffee gal. The only tea I drink is cold and sweet and served over ice, with a lemon wedge and mint if I'm lucky!

I love Dunkin coffee, I do know that much.

Dianna said...

I a a tea drinker all the way...my co-worker gave me a recipe for homemade chi tea that is the best! I love ti on my way to work! 1 Tbsp Unsweetened ice tea mix, 1 Tbsp french vanilla non-dairy creamer, a sprinkle of ginger and cinnamon and sugar to taste. Love it!