Friday, July 17, 2009


At only one year old Aliza is, officially, a clothes horse. I finally had time to go through her cabinets and closets and organize all of her 12 month clothes. It took me a solid hour folks. She's one. Thanks to her Nonna, and Grams and super cute hand me downs from her two cousins, she has more clothes than I think she could possibly wear.

Here's her cabinet: long pants and shorts up top, coordinated outfits below. (As an aside, the coordinated outfits really needed to be organized after her Daddy got her dressed one day. He put her in flower pants and a polk a dot shirt and didn't understand why that didn't work. Now, if the need arises again, he can just pull out a ready-made outfit!)

T-shirts, then short sleeve onesies:

These are one piece outfits (also helpful for Daddy). Are you noticing that every drawer is filled to the top?Her overflowing dresser: (I haven't even washed and organized all of her 18 month stuff yet!)

Did I also mention she has a closet? That is filled with so many cute dresses and sweaters that she has to start wearing them before she outgrows them!

I think, perhaps, she's got more than enough clothes!


GramS said...

OOOHHHHH!! I just love it.
I love to change her outfits at least a few times a day, just to see how cute she is in everything. :o)
Love Gram S xoxoxoxox

JaxMom said...

I love handme downs, but Jackson is a clothes horse too, particularly with shirts. Just wait until she starts voicing an opinion on what she wears.....

Kelli said...

This is how it starts, Lisa. :)
A little girl after my own heart.