Friday, July 31, 2009


Friday dawned rainy and gusty. Over breakfast Russ and I were discussing what we should do with our day. Russ mentioned that we had talked about taking Aliza to the Aquarium, so, just like that, we decided to go.
Aliza likes animals. She can make all sorts of animal noises; including a cat, monkey and elephant. (As an aside, her monkey face is the cutest darned thing and one of these days I have to capture it on video.) I knew she'd love the aquarium and I wasn't wrong. She spent the entire time we were there pointing and staring at everything around her.
We started at the Beluga whale:

And then moved on to the sea lion (Aliza roared when we told her the name of the animal.)

We saw some penguins and then moved indoors to check out the various tanks. She seemed to like the sharks:

But she also liked watching the fish:

The crab didn't seem to impress her much- I think she was confused because it wasn't red the way it is in all of her books:
She was even a brave little girl who held a star fish and (tried) to touch a sting ray:

As Russ put it; when you go the Aquarium as a kid, you think it's a fun isn't until you become a parent that you realize that the parents are having the most fun!


Nonna said...

What a wonderful day you had!You turned a cloudy day into one of discovery,wonderment & fun.Sometimes,spur of the moment inspirations turn out the greatest.

Kelli said...

It amazes me how big your little girl is getting every time you put up a bunch of photos.
And Aliza roars when she hears it's a sea lion? How CUTE is that?!