Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantastic Fourth

OK, I know the Fourth of July was well over a week ago now, but I have been too busy playing outside to post pictures. So here they are- belated, but cute! We went down to the beach house Saturday and then headed over to my mom's house Sunday. Aliza had a lot of fun:
Playing in the special pool her Grams and Gramps bought her:Climbing trees:

Watching the parade go by:

Playing with the beads she got:

Eating ice cream at front beach:

Going on her very first boat ride:

Then heading to her Nonna and Grosspapa's house to enjoy some yummy food and some more time playing outside. Uncle Michael made a surprise appearance and Aliza had fun seeing him, although I think she enjoyed the chicken Nonna made even more:

All in all, it was a fantastic holiday weekend!


Kelli said...

Lisa, you look so pretty in that last photo!

GramS said...

Such cute pictures to remind me .... how much fun that was!!
I agree with Kelli, you look so pretty, holding Aliza, in the last picture.
Lots of love
GramS xoxox

Dianna said...

We missed seeing you last weekend! Hopefully we can get together soon? I'm home, let me know what works!

JaxMom said...

Aw. Somehow I missed this post. So sweet! You look very thin, Lisa.