Friday, January 30, 2009

My daughter, the drummer

By some strange fluke, Aliza received several drums this Christmas. Her favorite one is one that lights up a different color every time you hit it. She figured out rather quickly how to operate this drum, and has since experimented with hitting it with a variety of other objects.
The only problem is that sometimes she'll try hitting some of her other toys, and when she doesn't get the same reaction she'll often pause in confusion, before returning to her drum.
Here she is, trying it out: (Sorry it is so short, I ran out of memory space on my camera!)


Becky said...

It's not a problem! It's cause and effect! She's figuring out that not everything works the same way as the drum, or that only certain things light up when she hits them. Soon she'll figure out that some things make a neat sound when she hits them. Or that Mom and Dad don't seem to like it when she comes over and whacks them. Such fun to see little brains at work!

JaxMom said...

Look at that big girl! Thanks for sharing.

GramS said...

So much talent! That's my grand-daughter "The drummer".
Love Gram S