Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mixed bag

(Thanks for the title Kelli!) :)
Why I love third graders:
In the midst of my parent observation the following conversations happened:
Student A: "Mrs. S, this is the best math lesson EVER!"
Student B: "Mrs. S, can we call you Mrs. Nice instead? Because you are really nice!"
Student C: "No, we should call her Mrs. Amazing!"
Me: "How about Mrs. Fantastically Beautiful?" We all laughed and moved on with the lesson, although for the rest of the day my name was, in fact, Mrs. Fantastically Beautiful.
Because that's just how we roll in 3S.

The observation went well. I was nervous and the kids were so excited about the lesson I did (which, I must admit, was rather awesome) that they were a little energetic, but in a positive-learning way, not in a disruptive-negative way. The parent involved sent me a rather nice email afterwards, thanking me for the opportunity. I was supposed to meet with said parent today, but a snow day means that was cancelled. Darn.

Why I wanted to gauge my eyes out with a spoon yesterday:
I recently had a Smart Board installed in my classroom (which I am madly in love with and use every single day for the majority of my lessons now) and was required to attend Smart Board training ALL day yesterday. I've been to a few of these trainings and have already created lessons involving the Smart Board and used it quite a few times. We began the day- and spent the whole morning- learning about the tool bar. And the gallery. And a variety of other tools that can be used with Smart Board software, the majority of which I have already found, experienced, created with and implemented. Finally, in the afternoon, we were given time to actually prepare lessons, but by then I was so brain dead and tired I wasn't nearly as productive as I could have been. And then, of course, there was that person. You all know what I mean. The one person who doesn't know how to do anything and spends the entire day asking questions that if she was paying even the slightest bit of attention she would have figured out. Sigh.

Aliza news:
Aliza's latest trick is clapping her hands. She doesn't exactly make a loud noise when she does so, but she has such a look of concentration and fascination when she does it....I have to get a video to post because it is just the cutest darn thing. We are spending the day together today because yet another snow storm has left us stuck (happily) at home.....


JaxMom said...

Yeah for snow days!
Yeah for clapping! and
Yeah for your awesome students.

BTW - I have one of those people who work with/for me. Unfortunately, her name is Lisa, but I call her Princess Lisa, because, well, she is.

Glad you are back!

Kelli said...

Um, I thought I just published a sorry if this is a duplicate.

Love the post title. ;-)

Great updates and I'm glad the observation went well.
I hope you're enjoying all this snow!
Stay warm.

Tina said...

I hate 'that person'... but the Smart Board sounds fun. i want one!