Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trapped in a car dealership

Russ and I continued on our car shopping journey last week. This time we checked out this car, and then this one. We would have checked out some others, but we were practically held hostage at the first dealership and ended up spending more time there then we planned, or wanted to.

I think there were several problems....the first being that the dealer seemed to think that because we are a younger couple we might be naive enough to sign away our hard earned money quickly. The second problem was the dealer was clearly eager to make a sale and didn't understand that we weren't going to buy a car that day. I swear folks, we did everything but tattoo it across his forehead and he just wasn't getting it. And the final problem was, well, the salesman. He pulled out every trick he knew to literally keep us waiting, and talking, and waiting some more....and rather than make a sale, all he did was annoy the crap out of both of us and make us absolutely not want to buy from him.

Aside from his annoying behavior, I also didn't love the Mazda CX7. It was a bit more expensive and, I felt, should come with more features than it did. If I'm going to pay, then, darn it, I want something for it! OK, OK, there were some neat little details, like a back mat in the cargo area that flipped over to reveal a surface that can be more easily cleaned than the carpet, but, there weren't enough details to make it worth my while. The poor man definitely didn't get the hint though because he called the very next day with a Brand New! Grand Touring! Top of the Line! Fully loaded! 2007! That I can have Dirt Cheap!
Thanks, but no.

The Nissan Rogue I liked a lot. Well within our price range and it drove well and handled beautifully. Unfortunately, it is a bit small. For an SUV. It felt a little bit cramped to Russ, and while I was fine in it, I could imagine feeling overloaded with STUFF once the car seat, and the stroller and the diaper bag and god knows what else is in the car. That salesman was new to the job, and it showed. He let us know within the first five minutes that he didn't even know if he liked his job and was considering a career switch- to being a teacher-which I swear he said before he knew we were both teachers! Maybe that's why I liked him so much. That and he reminded me of any of my male cousins on my mom's side. All that aside, the Nissan is probably my second choice, but I am still coming back to this one as my all time favorite.


Tina said...

If you don't like the car, do like you do with telemarketers. Just say no and then hang up. Or, walk away, in this case.

Hey, your blog looks great!

JaxMom said...

I got trapped by a car guy once. It completely annoyed me.

I bought my current car online and over the phone 200 miles away, but I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, found it at 2 dealerships within miles of each other, negotiated the deal over the phone, and then had a friend with a similar car check it out for me to make sure the body looked fine and it did not stink. I went in, handed them a check, and left. It was AWESOME! And I did not know you could just by a car with a CHECK. The diner down the street won't even take a check for pancakes.

Good luck, and again, Circuit City can install the iPOD jack!