Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent photos

Wearing shoes for the first time....they didn't last long, like her socks, she kicked them off!

Hugging Daddy!

Sitting and playing like a big girl!


Tina said...

Get Bobux (or Robeez)... the best infant/toddler shoes out there, and worth the $$$ because they STAY on.

Tina said...

PS: When you write a reveiw on Goodreads it gives you a link to post it on your blog. Then, go to customize settings on blogger, add a new "HTML or third party functionality" and paste the code in. Also, blogger has a new gadget for listing blogs.

Kelli said...

I like the new colors on your blog -- it's a nice face lift!

Also, you'll have to tell me how you liked Love Walked In.
I enjoyed it -- but I feel like it's one of those books where the timing is everything when you read it, you know?

Also, glad to see Aliza is still a cutie!

Gram S said...

Oh so cute!!!
She's such a little pixie and growing so fast.
I want to give her kisses on her cheeks!!

I love your new colors for your blog

Auntie Beth said...

What a big girl Little Aliza is!! She is so cute in her socks and shoes and sitting up. Miss you all!

vanessa.e said...

I thought she looked just like a pixie too. All cherubic pink cheeks, big eyes and almost smile. The new colors threw me off but I am good now. Nice.

JaxMom said...

Blog looks great. Thanks for including me in your links! Maybe one day I will get around to adding some to mine...

Awesome seat. What is it?