Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thirteen things I've learned since becoming a mom

1) If the baby falls asleep during the day in the car seat, or the bouncy chair, or anywhere other than her crib.... it is NOT necessary to move her to her crib. If you do try to move her, all that happens is she wakes up and then does not nap. Leave her alone. I made that mistake twice before finally figuring out that I'd rather she nap, then nap in her crib.

2) Structures and routines, even from a very young age, are a very good thing.

3) Structures and routines, even from a very young age, could be a BAD thing if it causes your baby to cry when the routine is changed. However, at least we are teaching her to be flexible, right?

4) A baby generates an amazing amount of laundry. I think doing her laundry could almost be considered a full-time job. Also, it is amazing how much one can enjoy doing laundry when the items being washed are cute pink outfits with butterflies and flowers all over them. It's just one more way that I get to take care of her, and I really do love it.

5) Seeing your daughter smile, no matter how often it happens, melts your heart every single time.

6) Same for hearing her laugh.

7) Time is funny.....some days I'll look at the clock and think it should be 3:00 already and it is more like 9:30 a.m. and other days I'll look at the calendar and wonder how in the world my baby girl is about to be six months old when it was just yesterday I was wearing maternity clothes.

8) Just because a pair of pants fit you again, it doesn't mean you should wear them.

9) Babies can communicate quite well, without words. I know when Aliza is full, when she is overtired, when she is hungry....she doesn't need to speak for me to understand what she is saying.

10) Breastfeeding is not convenient. It is tiring. It is also the most wonderful feeling....not only to physically hold her close, to snuggle her in and to hear her little eating noises.....but to know that not only did I nurture her for the nine months that I carried her but also for the months after her is truly humbling and awesome all at once.

11) You can wrap your entire world around your baby. And that's OK. But it's also OK to do something for yourself every now and again--without guilt. (I'm still working on this one.)

12) Little things that used to be ordinary everyday stuff that you took for granted are now luxuries rarely enjoyed. Like taking a long, hot shower. Usually mine is rushed and I'm listening to Aliza cry, or waiting for her to cry, or worrying because she is so quiet....

13) Graduating from college, going to grad school, buying my first car, getting my first teaching position, meeting my husband, getting married, moving into our house....NONE of these come close to the miracle that is giving birth and having a baby.


Dianna said...

It truly is an amazing blessing!! Enjoy and savory every minute and step of the journey! Luv, Dianna

Kelli said...

I just got all choked up reading this. You are such a loving Mom and Aliza is a lucky little girl.

Beth said...

You are such a good MOM role model. You make me very excited about starting that journey myself someday. BEAUTIFUL post!

JaxMom said...

Very sweet. And as they get older, now matter how frustrated or angry you might get at them, you will STILL not believe the infinate love you can have for them.

I especially get #8 - yes, some pants just are not mommy pants, and my Visa card reflects this as I finally have given in to accepting my body as it is for now, but needing to clothe it for winter....