Monday, September 15, 2008

Making strides

In an effort to alleviate some of my own stir-craziness (if it isn't a word, then it should be) and to get me talking to some adults for a change, I decided to try and find some mommy and baby groups. Today was our first attempt at one of these--we attended a Stroller Strides class. We arrived earlier than we were supposed to and sat waiting in the totally empty parking lot. Two minutes before the class was to start, a few others showed up and it was a small group that began the morning workout.

The class is designed to be low impact, and customized to your own needs. There were short walks interrupted with brief workouts at various "stations". I discovered that my left arm is now considerably stronger than my right, a fact I attribute to carrying a 12+ lb baby around on my left arm all the time. (Mental note: switch arms to carry Aliza). I also discovered that the trunk of my car just sucks for getting a stroller in and out. It was a series of grunts and shoves and yes, even one muffled curse, as I tried to shove the unwieldy carriage into my trunk.

Aliza got fussy near the end, which was to be expected, she was, after all, rather hungry. But overall the class was fun and one I'm looking forward to doing again. It also had the added benefit of tiring Aliza out, she is actually napping as I type this, a rare treat indeed!


Kelli said...

Yay you and Aliza.

Li, you know I love you for about 10 billion (rough count) reasons already, but hearing you mention the need for adult interaction and what-not made me love you even more.

Of course, I'm not anywhere near having my own baby anytime soon...but is it weird that I've already wondered about how the Moms I know are able to do everything so well...and I worry that when (if!) I get the chance to be a Mom I'll just go stir-crazy instead??

I hope you meet some awesome Moms and babes in your class.

Anonymous said...

Kelli...I totally agree and I love Lisa for letting us know how it is and testing the mommy waters for us! Lisa, I'm so happy you braved the world of Mommy and Me classes and had fun and a napping Aliza after all was said, and done, and walked.

JaxMom said...

Great for you in getting out! AND walking. I totally recommend the SnapNGo as opposed to the stroller system. It is light and easy to get in and out. I was horribly sad when I had to give it up when we got out of the infant car seat.

p.s. Thanks for being my most loyal commenter!

Dianna said...

Good for you for trying it! I was thinking about looking into a class around here when I get this darn cast off! I wish we lived closer and could go together! Miss ya!