Wednesday, March 12, 2008


N: Mrs. S. I have a note to go to brownies but O just told me there isn't brownies today.

Me: Well, you better go down to the office to call your Mom and tell her that you are getting on the bus. N, hurry up though because we are leaving now and we can't hold the buses forever.


(I turn my back to assist the student that takes at least ten minutes to pack up EVERY day, assuming that N has left to make a call since we are about to walk out of the classroom door and board the buses.)

Three minutes later:

N: Mrs. S, should I go call now?


Me: Boys and girls, I just got an email a few minutes ago and they changed the lunch menu today. Instead of Grilled Cheese it's Pizza. Raise your hands for Pizza.

N: Mrs. S, my Mom didn't know it was Pizza.

Me: Well, no one knew, like I said I just got the email a few minutes ago.

N: Oh, well........what should I do?

Me: Do you want pizza or do you want a bagel plate for lunch today?

N: I brought a lunch from home.


Me: I'm going to collect your test booklets, N will collect rulers and you get to keep your pencils.
30 seconds later....
A: Mrs. S, can I collect the pencils?

Me: No, you are keeping them, remember? (Not only did I just say it, but we've talked about it practically the entire week of CMT's.)
1 minute later....
I: Wait, no one took my pencil.

Me: (in a very loud voice) You are KEEPING YOUR PENCILS!
1 minute later....
G: I only have one pencil, not two Mrs. S, I can't find the second one to give back to you. (This is because for the last seven days I've been saying, I give you two pencils, you give me back two pencils because I knew the pencils would mysteriously disappear and by day 3 of testing I wouldn't have any. The kid listened to that, but not to be screaming that they are keeping their pencils.)

Me: You are keeping your pencils.
Another 30 seconds later...
N: Mrs. S, why didn't anyone take my pencils?

Me: (teeth gritted and a horrible smile on my face) You are KEEPING them.


Tina said...

Haha, ha, ha.
I am working with someone right now and I always feel like our conversations are going something like this. Is it me? Am I not being clear? I really don't think it is me, but sometimes it makes me wonder...

nancypearlwannabe said...

Oh man. I forget how hilarious and frustrating the little ones are!