Thursday, February 01, 2007

Add weather forcaster to my job description...

The other day I walked down the hall with a colleague lamenting over the atrocious behavior that seems to be occurring with some regularity lately and wondering aloud what was going on. Had I taken the time to think about it I would have figured it out really quickly: it's a full moon.

Teachers are known to be a mom, a counselor, a cheerleader, a mentor and a nurse among other hats that we wear....well, you can add weather woman to that list as well. Any teacher will tell you that their students are directly impacted by the fullness of the moon and the onset of any large weather system. With a full moon AND the potential for our first "real" snowstorm on Friday I would have been better off throwing in the towel before the week began. Needless to say, it's been a week of The Lecture. You know the one I'm sure. Or you could remember it if you thought back to your own elementary school days. The ones that silenced the room and caused everyone (for five minutes at least) to tiptoe around whispering. There is never yelling....but don't you agree it's almost worse? Nope, just the Firm Voice. The I'm-Not-Joking-Around-Voice. It usually does the trick. But not on a full moon week. Forget it.

Just wish me luck for our lock down drill tomorrow....who knows what a rambunctious bunch of third graders will do when told we have to lock ourselves in our classroom and stay quietly away from all windows and doors. Oh wait, our whole WALL is windows? That's right, I meant, stay quietly huddled in the middle of the I said, wish me luck.

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