Friday, June 23, 2006

Some things I've learned....

A few things I've learned (because although I actually have TONS of things to post about, I'm way too tired to actually create a whole post and I've ignored my blog for way too long so this is all I've got).....

1) Woodchucks don't eat wood alone. Nope, they eat cucumber plants. And zucchini plants. That you have lovingly grown and watered and cheered over when they actually sprouted. All that means nothing to a woodchuck.

2) Closing on a house is not NEARLY as scary as going to the bank to withdraw the money to pay for said closing.

3) Home Depot does NOT fill propane tanks. And UHaul closes at 7 pm.

4) Gardening shoes really do serve a very valuable purpose, and definitely should be worn while gardening, otherwise you will ruin your one good pair of sneakers with mud and dehydrated cow manure.

5) Vichyssoise--that's how you spell it.

6) Picking paint colors is HARD!

7) When you are peeling wallpaper you have to absolutely soak the paper with something to remove it. And I do mean SOAK.

8) The newest Superman is quite attractive, although the movie went a bit too far with the whole leaving-you-hanging-so-they-can-create-another-movie bit.

9) J.K. Rowling is going to kill off TWO main characters in the final installment of the Harry Potter series. (Any guesses as to who that may be!?!)

10) Having a picnic on the floor with your family on the day you close on your first house will be remembered as one of the happiest days of your life.

It has been quite a journey these last few days....I promise to post more, soon.......


Kelli said...

Yey. I liked this post. #10 even made me tear up a bit thinking about how happy you guys must've been that night!
And your meal at your new - neighbors? Wow. Sounds divine (and way better than my dinners have been lately!)

Tina said...

1. Do woodchucks even eat wood?

2. Yes.

3. Yup.

4. Good to know.

5. Really?

6. I know! And then you put in on the wall and it looks nothing like the sample.

7. So I've heard. And the reason I used paint. Easier to deal with when you want to redecorate.

8. That started all ready?

9. Voldemort and... Snape? Or Harry's godfather (again?).

10. Awww, that was fun wasn't it?

Tina said...

P.S. Didn't you read the Da Vinci code already?

Kelli said...

oh yeah - And I confess, I didn't even know what Vichyssoise was- much less how you spell it when you wrote about it on my blog. Thanks to though I am now just a little bit smarter at the end of the day (& hungry. it sounds good. Better than the PB&J (with creamy! aah!) that I had for lunch.)
P.S. Tina's numbered comments made me laugh.

KTP said...

please post pictures of your new house!

Dianna said...

(I tried to post this before but it seems to have vanished...)
Happy New home!!
Let us know when you are settled and ready to have visitors!

Love, Dianna, Jake and Zachary