Thursday, June 29, 2006

Because everyone needs a feather boa...

It's astonishing that I haven't written about this event yet....but a few weeks ago was my sister-in-law's bachelorette. Unfortunately, I left my camera at the hotel (ahem, The Ritz that is) but I got a few pictures at the start of the evening.
We began the night at our suite at The Ritz with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and a feather boa (amongst other "naughty" toys that were gifted to the bride-to-be, which were really not naughty at all now that I think about it), and the night just kept getting better.

Dinner at an amazing restaurant called 28 Degrees where we were treated to yummy martinis, made with fresh crushed fruit! After eating we headed to a club for some dancing then headed back to the Ritz to chow on some Doritos before sacking out on the very comfy bed. All in all, a night to remember!
One of the things I'm discovering about bachelorettes is that they can be so different from each other, but that in the end, it's always about the same thing: spending time with someone you care about and celebrating--not the life they are "leaving" behind, but the journey they are beginning. How could that be anything but an amazing time?!?

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