Friday, April 28, 2006

Tonight, I picked someone up at a bar...

A sushi bar that is. That's right, Russ and I went out for sushi tonight to our all time favorite restaurant: Jerry San's Restaurant and DaikoSushi. While there, we befriended another couple over plates of raw fish. Interestingly enough, the rules of dating seemed to apply to meeting a future couple friend. Do we give them our number or wait until they give us theirs? This debate ended when she wrote her digits down on a busines card. On the way home, Russ and I even began wondering how long to wait until we email day? Two? What is the appropriate amount of time? The dating etiquette you figure out, once you've done it long enough...but this is a whole new ball game for us.

Of course, this is no ordinary couple....nope, these are not your basic, blue-blooded Connecticut natives. They were a blend of exotic (he's from New Zealand) and down South friendliness (she's from West Virginia and still has a clear accent). These unique individuals are also not your every day run of the mill wage workers either. They happen to hold relatively prestigious positions--he's an engineer for Sikorski and she is an attorney in Hartford. We knew we liked them when she told us that if she could do it all again, she'd be a teacher. Actually, that's when we knew we'd get their number. The conversation began with a discussion about redoing kitchens, and Russ and I realized we were out of our league when they mentioned they were spending $15,000 on cabinets alone. But talk continued and we discussed everything from American Idol (he actually likes Taylor Hicks, while she is a Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee fan) to the worst sushi they've ever had (monkfish liver) to the differences in our families (she's from a small close knit one, he's from...well, his family is in Australia). They even offered Russ a taste of some squid sushi. (He was brave and tried it, although he washed his mouth out once he got home.)

Here's to new friends....and a two day wait until we email them!


Kelli said...

I loved this post. You are too cute. They sound like great people -- and I hope you & Russ will continue to "date" them. ;-)

Beth said...

So so funny, this could be a sitcom episode. I thought Russ was the funny one...I was wrong. So did you call them?????